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Life Science Chemilab S.A. (LSC) is a dynamic company in the field of laboratory and hospital equipment and consumables. Established in 2009, as member of Pascal Strouza companies, the company starts operations with key activity the distribution in Greece of the large chemicals producer Sigma Aldrich (a Merck company). At the same time, LSC develops a wide range of laboratory consumables to serve in total its customer base. This portfolio further expands through the years both on consumables and instruments, achieving direct cooperations with globally know manufacturers, such as Scilabware (DWK-Duran Group), Ahlstrom, Eppendorf, Honeywell, Olympus, Fisher Scientific, Cole Parmer, Biosan, Deltalab, becoming a very strong supplier in its serving markets. 

In 2012, LSC develops a new business unit in the division of In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) and gynecology, undertaking the sole distribution of one of the top IVF manufacturers worldwide, Origio, a Cooper Surgical company. By organising the relevant department and focusing on quick and reliable customer service, the company provides culture media, disposables and equipment to the vast majority of the IVF clinics in Greece. Further distributions following acquisitions of Cooper Surgical (Sage, Research Instruments, K-Systems, TPC, Wallace, CooperGenomics, LifeGlobal) enrich more LSC's product portfolio and strengthen the level of service to its end market. The distribution rights of Kitazato at the beginning of 2019, further strengthens the dynamics and flexibility of the company in ART consumables and media, serving all IVF clinics and maternity hospitals in Greece.

In the context of continuous improvement and development, in 2014 Life Science Chemilab enters in the diagnostics (IVD) field with complete and trustworthy solutions for microbiology laboratories, diagnostic centers and clinics, representing known manufacturers in analyzers, reagents, consumables as well as peripheral devices (ElitechGroup, Boule Medical, Terumo, Dirui, Lifotronic, Biotecnica etc).

Since the beginning of 2021, LSC takes over the laboratory equipment business segment of Pascal Strouza, sister company of the group, structuring as such a solid laboratory and medical equipment division to serve industrial, academia, research and healthcare markets. Globally recognized manufacturers (Memmert, Olympus, Evermed, Faster, Labconco, AFI, Binder etc) are incorporated in the company’s product portfolio and enabled a total solution capability approach to its customer base.

The company's headquarters and warehouses are located in Athens (inhouse and 3PL) while its office in Thessaloniki serves North Greece. The whole greek territory is technically served by an authorized, experienced and qualified technical team located both in Athens as well as in Thessaloniki’s facilities.

LSC is certified with a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 and ΥΑ ΔΥ8δ/Γ.Π.οικ./1348 for the distribution of medical devices.